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Penn State Creates sessions focus on being creative with various multimedia technologies and apps. These sessions are relaxed and informal, focusing on exploring something new, making something fun and sharing with the community.

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How accurate are the 3D printers and how much variance is there from design to finished print? 

±19% or ±10% or something completely different? For small objects printed with PLA filament, it may vary significantly depending on the orientation of the object.  We did a test with a stepped print, modeled in TinkerCAD, that varies in size as a 1mm, 2mm, 3mm,4mm and...

Create a Cookie Cutter with Tinkercad

Tinkercad is a beginner level web application that can be used for creating 3D models for 3D printing. This tutorial will walk you through making a simple cookie cutter to practice using the tools for 3D modeling in Tinkercad.  Note: Tinkercad's default units are...

Entering your code to connect to Penn State 3D printers

When classes have registered their 3D Printing Project with Maker Commons, a special code is provided to the Instructor so students can access the class priority queue.  This tutorial will show you how to add the Class Submission Queue.   Once you are logged in to...

Preparing a print in 3DPrinterOS

Please read through all of the instructions listed below, before submitting your 3D print. Have you read through all of the instructions, or have you printed with Maker Commons before? This tutorial will take you through the process of preparing a 3D model to print...

Test Post for Sketchfab

Nightmare Object by makercommons on Sketchfab

Using the Dremel 3D45 printers in the Dreamery

This tutorial will teach you how to use the Dremel Print Cloud for preparing 3D models to be printed on the Dremel 3D45 printers in the Dreamery. The Dreamery is an open creative collaboration space hosted by Teaching and Learning with Technology in room 4...
Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

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Maker Commons encourages learners to get hands on with tomorrow’s tools like 3D printers and to experiment with solutions via rapid prototyping in the Invention Studio.  The Design Experiences Lab offers a space to crash course through the fundamentals of intentional, generative practice.

Media Commons is the longest-standing of several innovative technology-driven creative services offered by Teaching and Learning with Technology at Penn State. The Immersive Experiences Lab pushes the boundaries on video and audio production, putting audiences inside educational media in brand new ways.

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