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Request Additional 3D Printing Credits

When first accessing your 3DPrinterOS account, you will be allocated $25 worth of filament, referred to as “credits.” There is no actual cost associated with using Maker Commons’ 3D printing services. Fill out this form to return your credits to 25 if a project requires more than you currently have. 25 credits is the maximum amount a user is permitted to have at a given time and only one refill may be granted per day.

Request Additional Credits

About You

example: xyz1234@psu.edu

Making Your Request

Please provide a short reason for your request. We will respond within 24 hours and increase your personal print credits back to 25, pending our ability to fulfill your request. Reasons for not approving your request may include timing during the semester - later in the semester tends to be busier with prints for class assignments and we may not be able to honor personal requests at that point.