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  1. Download the boat.stl
  2. Import into your 3D modeling program of choice.  We recommend tinkercad.com
  3. Modify your boat so that it can hold as many pennies as possible before sinking as compared to the original model.
  4. Export your new model and add it to 3DprinterOS for printing.  You will want it to print in 2 hours or less and use 30g of filament or less.


Challenge in Brief

Name: Boat Challenge

Duration of Challenge: 4 hours

Maximum number of students: 24

Facilities Needed?: Multimedia Classroom located in West Pattee, 3D Printers, Internet Access, Tinkercad web app

Materials Needed: 6-7 boats, tub of water, pennies, rulers, paper towels

Skillset: 3D Printing, TinkerCad, Maker Mindset Key Benefits: Familiarity with TinkerCad, familiarity with Maker Commons 3D printing submission workflow, problem solving, critical thinking.

Application to courses or course content: Basic 3D printing skills

Project Description: Students are given a 3D printed boat that holds approximately 10 pennies before sinking. They are also given a 3D model of the boat that can be modified. The challenge is to design/modify the existing boat so that it prints in 2 hours or less and holds more pennies than the original.

Assignments that can follow the Challenge: SolidWorks 3D Modeling