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Picking Up Your 3D Print

Before heading to pick up your 3D print, make sure to read over the instructions below. If you have received the “Successful Print!” email, that does not necessarily mean that your print is available for pick-up. 

Click Here for University Park Instructions

Unfortunately, the automated email system of the 3DPrinterOS Cloud Slicing software will notify you via email as soon as you print has been completed. This does not account for or align with Maker Commons’ harvesting schedule. It may take up to 24 hours after you receive the “Successful Print!” email for your print to be ready for pick up. At that point in time, you can pick up your print at the Commons Services desk on the first floor of the Pattee/Paterno Library. You will be asked for your name and Penn State access ID in order to retrieve your print (example: xyz1234@psu.edu).

The Commons Services desk is open 24/5, only closing at midnight on Fridays and midnight on Saturdays during the regular semester. You may pick up your print at any point during their open hours. For detailed availability information, please see the Knowledge Commons listing on the Libraries’ Hours and Locations page.


If you do not need the envelope your print arrives in, please give it back to the person at the Commons Services desk or bring it to the Maker Commons and we will reuse the envelope for a future print.

If you have questions about the way your print looks or was produced, please schedule an appointment with the Maker Commons to meet with a consultant and discuss your print. You can submit an appointment request using our Appointment Request Form.

Click Here for Commonwealth Campus Instructions

Prints submitted by Commonwealth campus students will be printed at the University Park Maker Commons. Using the Libraries shipping system, prints will be shipped to the campus designated in the print submission form. You can pick up your print at the main desk of your Commonwealth campus library 3 – 5 days after their request has been printed.

The print will be shipped within a business day of the print requester receiving the “Successful print!” email. Please allow 3 – 5 days for it to arrive on campus. There is no email to let you know it has arrived at your campus.

Prints can only be shipped if a specific Commonwealth campus has been identified on the print submission form. For more details on properly filling out the form, please see the print submission form tutorial.