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Björk: New Stories, New Realities

For her “Black Lake” video from 2015’s Vulnicura album, musician and multi-hyphenate Björk called upon Autodesk to design the 3D printed elements of her dramatic costumes and landscapes. Get a taste of the process above and go further behind the scenes with this exploratory short documentary.

Assignment Idea: Mirroring Emotions


The power that music and art have over humans is demonstrated through their influence on our emotions. Feelings are triggered by lyrics, chords, notes as well as the story that unfolds in a related video via music. With art, feelings are triggered not just by color, scale, perspective but also the story behind the piece.

When integrated into movies, dance, websites or even advertisements, music and art can work as partners to grab attention, deliver a message and enhance engagement. What music triggers an emotional response for you? What art have you seen that brings to the surface an emotion when you view it? What happens when you have paired music and art/visual together? Think about a time when music and art came together as part of a larger experience and your excitement, joy, fear, pain or sadness that you may have felt.

Subject Areas

Art, Education, English, Music


  • identify a piece of music or art that evokes strong emotions for you
  • a short essay (include the lyrics or image of the artwork) about how this piece moves you and the elements that catalyze strong feelings
  • a sketch of what this piece of music or art represents to you as a visual impression
  • a 3D model of the sketch (optional)
  • presentation to class of essay, sketch and/or 3D printed visual
  • a video that includes the music and or art along with voice over derived from your essay to reflect on this assignment (optional)