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Food Ink: Serving a Slice of The Future

Opened in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood in late 2016, the Food Ink restaurant concept invites diners to sample innovative recipes – that are 3D printed at their table, on demand. Not only that, but even the cutlery and other fixtures are fabricated using the same technology in-house. More than just a gimmick, Food Ink aims to preview the future of the restaurant industry and the way that we relate to what we eat.
From Food Ink’s website

Assignment Idea: “Delicious 3D Food”


3D printing continues to change the way that many organizations think about the world and the way their products are used. One area that 3D printing has moved into is food preparation and the field of culinary arts. Imagine a way that people at home can become a culinary artist with a 3D printer specifically for food preparation. What types of foods would they make?

Subject Areas

Education, Nursing, Nutrition


  • menu of 3D printed foods for various types of dietary needs: diabetic, gluten-free, low-sodium, plant-based, etc
  • recipes to be used for printing foods for various types of dietary needs
  • sketch or 3D model of how the food would actually be printed/prepared
  • actual food created using regular methods (optional)