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Lund University: Printing Harmony

Lund University details the pioneering work in the overlapping worlds of 3D printing and instrument design that Olaf Diegel has been steeped in over the last several years at Malmö Academy of Music. Rapidly developed, prototyped and perfected instruments that are custom-made for musicians allow Professor Diegel to explore the boundaries of the art form and its tools. In a first, several of these musical creations come together as a fully 3D printed band.

Assignment Idea: A Tailored Toolset


Rapidly prototyping and then 3D printing instruments can increase efficiency over traditionally made instruments by using less materials, less time. Further, these quickly produced implements offer the further advantage of being custom-made for their intended artist. These revolutionary benefits can potentially extend across – and beyond – the arts, offering top performers more compelling tools and the ability to experiment with them no the fly.

For this assignment, you will choose a skilled activity of interest to you (anything, from pole vaulting to woodworking to modern dance, is valid) and identify a piece of specialized “gear” that is instrumental in the practice of this activity. How is it made, how is it used and how might you improve it?

Subject Areas

Art, Education, Engineering, Music


  • researched write up of how item(s) are made, how item(s) is used
  • images of the item(s) being manufactured and in-use
  • bulleted list (at least two items) of potential improvements or customizations
  • sketch or 3D model of how the item would actually be printed
  • video reflecting on the implications of this customized item(s)