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3D Printing Information

Below you will find a bunch of resources for every stage of the 3D printing process through Maker Commons. Whether you’re ready to submit your print, or you have no idea where to begin, these tutorials and guidelines should have everything you need to start 3D printing!

How Do I Print My 3D File?

Do you have a 3D model that is ready to be printed? Click here for instructions for submitting your print to the Maker Commons, as well as a link to the Submission Page. 

Printing Guidelines & Best Practices

Click here for a comprehensive list of Maker Commons 3D printing guidelines and best practices.


How Do I Find a 3D Model?

Want to 3D print something, but don’t have a 3D model? Click here for recommended resources for finding pre-existing 3D models to download and print. 

How Do I Print with a Class Code?

If your class instructor has registered your class to print with Maker Commons, you will have access to the Class Submission Print Queue. Click here to find out how to access this queue.

Where Can I Pick Up My 3D Print?

Whether you’re at University Park or a Commonwealth Campus, click here to find out where you can pick up your completed 3D print. 

What is the Status of My Print?

Curious about the status of your 3D print? Click here to find out what the status update emails mean, and better understand Maker Commons printing progress. 

How Do I Request More 3D Printing Credits?

If you run out of the default amount of printing credits in your account, click here to request more credits, free of charge. 

What if My 3D Print Failed?

Did your 3D print turn out wonky, or is it not quite what you expected? Click here to find out why 3D prints sometimes fail, and what you can do to correct it. 

How Do I Finish My 3D Print?

If your 3D print needed to print with supports, click here to find out how to remove them, and where you can find the tools to do so.

3D Printing FAQ

Looking for some answers to common questions about Maker Commons 3D printing? Click here to see our FAQ page!